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How I can help and why I do this

If you're looking for a massage in March, Body-Time Massage welcomes you with open arms.

Based out of an air-conditioned studio and run by a qualified massage therapist, my goal is to create an idyllic and calming environment where the only thing that matters is you. Just lie down, relax and let yourself be pampered.

Schedule a Massage at my clinic or in the comfort of your home here.

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About Steven, your qualified massage therapist

As a passionate and experienced massage therapist, I am dedicated towards helping people help themselves with the transformative power of massages. I approach each session with a blend of intuition, compassion and expertise to tailor the treatment to address your unique preferences and needs.

A genuine passion for helping others underpins everything I do – I find providing people with the time and space they need to look after themselves immensely rewarding, and nothing brightens my day more than seeing a happy client.

Whether you're local to the March area or are based further afield in wider Cambridgeshire, I would love to help you.





The values underpinning my massages in March and Cambridgeshire


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A Holistic Approach

Although my massages can be grouped together and labelled, I don't believe in one-size-fits-all approaches when it comes to my sessions. Each client is considering a massage for a slightly different reason and has slightly different expectations, and my approach honours this. 

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I will always take a moment to understand and empathise with your particular concerns and pain points during each session to create a safe and nurturing environment where you can unwind and heal.

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Think of my treatments less as a straight line and more like a flowing wave, adapting to your needs and concerns as the treatment goes on.






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Remote Massage Services

Not wanting to head all the way to my studio? Not to worry, I can bring the studio to you.

I will transport everything I need to pamper you right in the comfort of your own home including a mobile massage table, fluffy towels, cotton sheets, natural almond oils and even a speaker to play relaxing background music.

If this is more convenient, you can book a home visit below:

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Discover True Tranquillity

If you have any questions about my massage services, feel free to contact me at 07759 258384 (By phone or by WhatsApp) or send me an email at

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