Deep Tissue Massages

For when you need a little extra pressure

Deep tissue massages are a profound and effective form of muscle therapy that work into the deeper layers of muscle and connective tissue, before working away pain and knotting with pressure and deliberate strokes.

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When you choose my deep tissue massages in March you can expect:

  • Faster healing from injuries, thanks to the breakdown of scar tissue and adhesions that can impair tissue repair
  • Potent pain relief from muscle soreness, mild to moderate injuries and chronic pain alike
  • Improved posture, especially if you suffer from tight upper back musculature
  • Enhanced mobility due to the increase of blood flow to the deeper layers of muscle tissue and reduced inflammation
  • A reduction in stress, despite how intense a deep tissue massage can be

While there may be some mild discomfort following a deep tissue massage, which will quickly fade away, you can also expect to feel rejuvenated and energised due to the improvement to your circulation.

While anybody can benefit from deep tissue massages, those who regularly exercise or suffer from chronic pain can expect to get the most from a session.

  • 30-minute massage - £25
  • Hour-long massage - £40



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