Head massages

Kneading away your worries and stresses

Also known as scalp massages, this technique entails pressure, kneading and circulation motions on the head, neck and shoulders to help you unwind and release tension from the targeted area. Whether you are looking for a holistic headache cure or just wanting to indulge yourselves, head massages can help.

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When you choose one of my head massages in March you will benefit from:

  • Relief from headaches and migraines, thanks to the alleviation of the underlying tension that contributes to headaches.
  • Improved blood circulation, which some credit to hair growth and overall scalp health
  • Improved mental clarity, focus and concentration, with some experiencing a heightened tense of alertness as well
  • Enhanced sleep quality, due to the release of tension and the soothing nature of the massage (Don't be surprised if you drift off mid-massage!)
  • Potent stress relief and relaxation

You can expect to feel especially calm and tranquil following a head massage, almost as though you are walking on air. Some report a sense of a burden being eased from their shoulders, both literally and metaphorically due to the release of tension from muscles but also the mind.

Everyone will walk away feeling better from a head massage, but those prone to headaches or walking around knowing are especially stressed out will probably get the most out of one of my sessions.

  • 30-minute massage - £30



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If you want to clarify something before you book an appointment, please give me a call or send me a WhatsApp message on 07769 258384You can also email me at contact@bodytimemassage.co.uk.

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