Swedish Massages

Sometimes you can't beat a classic

The roots of modern massage culture, the classic Swedish massage pioneered by Swedish physiologist Per Henrik Ling offers a powerful boost to your mental and physical wellbeing with little more than gentle touches, pressure and friction.

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When you choose my Swedish massages in March you can expect;

  • Potent stress relief, kneading tension out of the body while promoting the release of feel-good endorphins to instil an overall sense of calm and wellbeing.
  • Improved sleep quality, often as a result of the stress relief that comes with a Swedish massage.
  • Enhanced mental clarity in the days and even weeks following a massage
  • Muscle relaxation via targeted pressure and strokes
  • Improved blood circulation, which aids in healing, recovery and flushing toxins from the body

You can expect to feel mentally and physically relaxed following a Swedish massage. Many clients report feeling an overall sense of euphoria and a heightened mood for the hours following a session.

Our Swedish massages in March are suitable for just about everyone, regardless of their body type or activity level.

  • 30-minute massage - £25
  • Hour-long massage - £40



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If you want to clarify something before you book an appointment, please give me a call or send me a WhatsApp message on 07769 258384You can also email me at contact@bodytimemassage.co.uk.

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